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"Giving helps our students, many of whom depend on the university for financial support, as well as the programs that make CWU a wonderful place to live and learn." - CWU President, James L. Gaudino



Empowering Undergrads to Lead

With thoughtful admission policies, scholarships, online classes, and statewide Centers, we keep college education accessible to learners from all walks of life.


Encouraging Inquisitive Minds to Reimagine Their World

As they tackle real-world issues, research projects, and fieldwork, our undergraduates become experts in inquiry and innovation.


Offering a Personalized Learning Experience

Students gain the most ground with one-on-one guidance. That’s why our faculty act as mentors, sounding boards, and cheerleaders.


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"Thanks to the support of my education through the Coca-Cola First Generation Last Mile Scholarship at CWU, I am able to complete my degree with minimal debt,” says Jose. “The scholarship is helping my dreams come true."

Jose Gonzalez

Undergraduate Student

Empowering Undergrads

10 students, including Jose Gonzalez, benefit from the Coca-Cola First Generation Last Mile Scholarships. Jose is majoring in Information Technology & Administrative Management.

"I want to express my sincere gratitude to the Muckleshoot Tribe for this amazing opportunity. As members of the Yakama Tribe, receiving this scholarship means a lot to my family and me."

J’lynn Wright

Undergraduate Student

Personalized Learning Experience

J’lynn Wright is one of three students who received the Muckleshoot Tribe Scholarship last year.